Cajun Plane Features


The Cajun Plane land levelers are manufactured and sold by Fab Services Inc. where we understand the need for quality farming equipment.  We used an older, proven, designed land leveler and improved it.  Cajun Plane land levelers are built with quality OEM parts, up-to-date design capabilities, and proven quality craftsmanship.  We use the latest technology in design manufacturing, metal fabrication, welding procedures and painting so that we can offer some of the highest quality farming equipment and parts on the market today.  
Some of the quality features on our Cajun Plane land leveler that set us apart are:
  • Heavy duty spindles, almost double the size used by other manufacturers.
  • Properly woven eyelets in steering cables with thimbles for safety and durability.  This allows proper connection between the shackle and turn buckles which extends the life of the cable.
  • Steering adjustment device allows for easy steering adjustments and secondary means of locking alignment steering in place limiting the amount of tire wear.
  • High quality lift cylinders and heavy duty hoses.
  • Quality craftsmanship.
  • Highest quality paint to give your Cajun Plane land leveler lasting color and rust resistance.
  • We offer the option to "choose your color" to custom tailor the look of your land leveler with the paint color of your choice. (an additional charge will apply)

Excellence and Quality Built into every product we
manufacture and sell!

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