Corrosion Control

Fab Services Corrosion Control LLC provides sand blasting, priming, and painting services.  We specialize in painting structural assemblies, industrial and oilfield equipment, skids, tanks and much more. 

Our industrial paint booth can handle painting of equipment in many shapes, sizes and configurations up to 20 feet wide, 20 feet high and 30 feet long. Our conventional, air-assist, wet spray painting operation covers the coatings spectrum from water base primers to nuclear grade zincs, to high performance urethanes.

We can also address your surface preparation requirements in our sandblasting booth where we can strip old paint and corrosion from your equipment.

Our experience and understanding of your application will ensure that your project will be completed to your specifications. Our staff will work closely with you to make sure that your products are finished on time, on budget and to your exact requirements.

Call us today or send us an email to request a quote for your application.

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