Cajun Plane Land Leveler


One of the most important aspects in agriculture production is leveling and drainage management of your farmland. Good tillage of soil will help farmers maintain soil levels and protect your investment.  By using a land leveler to eliminate low areas and high spots, you can improve your crops yield by increasing the uniformity of the land and way in which water is applied to the irrigated field.

Land leveling also increases crop yield because it improves weed control. It also makes irrigation more efficient by improving the surface drainage which helps reduce land erosion.

Some benefits of using a land leveler are:

  • Increase crop yield considerably
  • Improve water coverage
  • Improve weed control
  • Increase farming area and improve operational efficiency
  • Harvest evenly ripened crops

The design of the Cajun Plane land leveler allows for faster leveling and a flat surface for planting.   The blade layout lightly tills and effectively mixes the soil; avoiding deep cuts into the sub-soil that could possibly cause high infiltration rates of nutrients or chemical leaching.  The blades also move the soil in both directions, resulting in the entire field being evenly leveled without pushing soil outward creating a low center of the field.

Also, due to the design of the blades, you can get into the field soon after it rains, increasing your operating days. Our steering design enables tighter turns so that you increase your farming area.